No strings attached!

If you haven’t yet made peace with the fact that an NSYNC reunion album is probably not happening, this nostalgia-ready video isn’t going to help things. On Monday, Lance Bass uploaded a clip of a little pre-show hacky sack game among a group of guys. Nothing to see here!

OH WAIT. The guys were NSYNC and the game was right before the VMAs, a.k.a. their pre-show performance ritual of passing a hacky sack to all five of them without dropping the ball lives on. Yippie-Yi-Yay! These are men in their 30s, so they are a little out of practice. The video is mostly cute for watching them try (Oh, Starbucks-clutching Justin, you do care!) and briefly remembering their goofy personas, stellar athletic performances or not.

Check out the video below and contemplate how many dollars you would spend to hang out backstage with the ever-so-briefly reunited boy band. (The limit does not exist.)

I’ll save you the trouble of Googling: Obviously you now want to see their VMA reunion again:

Justin, Joey, JC, Lance, and Chris, I’m still waiting for that full-length show.

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