Keeping Up With The Kardashians
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There are rumors flying around that Keeping Up With the Kardashians could be nearing its end, with Radar Online interviewing insiders who say people are “over it” and the Kardashian brand is suffering.

But I’m going to have to disagree: I am more invested in this family than ever before, and in my opinion, now would be the worst time for Keeping Up to call it quits. After all, the Kardashian rumor mill is particularly active right now, and isn’t the show the best way to shut up the gossips?

Plus, if the Kardashians were to step out of the spotlight right now, we would never see the resolution to some very important storylines, such as:

Is Lamar OK? I don’t need the dirty details, but as a fan, I care about Lamar. After his one-day rehab stint last week, someone tell me that he’s all right!

What does Kim and Kanye’s house look like? After the arrival of (adorable) baby North, Kim and Kanye moved in with Kris while their house (which features an entire wall made of live greenery) was being finished. Am I never going to see the ridiculousness of that crib?!

Will Khloé ever become a mother? One of these days, I’m hopeful that Khloé will make a great mom, and no matter how that comes about (or doesn’t), I want to watch that story unfold.

Will Scott and Kourtney ever get married? Maybe the answer is no, which is fine, but if we know anything about this couple, it’s that they’re full of surprises. They might have another kid. They might split up. They might finally tie the knot. Regardless, I need answers, and ideally, I’d love to watch it happen.

Oh, Rob. We’ve seen Rob’s recent weight loss, which is great, but what’s next? It’s no secret that he’s struggled a bit to find his path, so don’t you dare tell me that I’m not going to get to follow this story all the way to its happy ending. I won’t accept that.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Could you walk away from the Kardashians right now and never look back?

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