By Ray Rahman
Updated September 10, 2013 at 08:56 PM EDT
Credit: Johansen Krause

If you own an iPhone 5, throw it in the garbage right now, because it’s suddenly become irrelevant.

Apple today unveiled two new phone models and announced that it would discontinue the iPhone 5, which existed for approximately one year. However, to the surprise of many, there is one aging gadget that the company is keeping on its shelves (at least for now): the humble ol’ iPod Classic.

Many techwatchers had written early obituaries for the iPod, that old-school, non-Twittering, MP3-playing device that turned so many people into Apple users in the first place. The thought went that with the new focus on super-speedy iPhones and Spotify and Pandora, as well as the upcoming iTunes Radio, Apple would discontinue the iPod with today’s announcement. Wired went as far as to say that “this is the year the iPod Classic will die.”

Yet it lives! The Apple event has ended, and a trip to the company’s online store still allows you to buy the machine in all its bulky, 160-GB, 40,000-song glory. This is good news for all those diehard fans who still consider the iPod the most efficient, reliable means of portable music consumption.

So the question is, do you still use an iPod (or did you ever)? This Music Mixer has to admit, it’s been a while since we’ve taken advantage of the years’ worth of music stored on ours, but we like knowing that it’s there. Do you still take yours around with you? Or is there an even older product — a Zune or Walkman or Radio Raheem-style boombox — that you rely on when you’re on the go? Or are you strictly a streamer now? Let us know in the comments below.