By Dalton Ross
September 09, 2013 at 06:28 PM EDT

We’ve seen what the returning players on Survivor: Blood vs. Water can do, but which of their loved ones has what it takes to potentially win the million dollars when the season premieres Sept. 18 on CBS? I asked host Jeff Probst on the first day of filming in the Philippines back in May to name the new players that were just as strong if not stronger than their loved ones. And one of the names he came up with may surprise you. “Colton’s fiancé Caleb — he’s one of my favorites to win,” said Probst. “He’s so likable. And he’s capable out on the field, in the water, and I think he’s gonna sway a lot of people. I think he’ll even sway Ciera to change her mind about gay rights!”

Speaking of Ciera, Laura’s daughter is another one Probst predicted going far. “I don’t know exactly know why I’m pulling for Ciera, but I am because I see a young person who is very committed to who they are. Even though I don’t agree with who they are politically and I don’t agree with their views, I like that she’s made so much of her life in such a young bit of time, and I could see her doing very well.” Who are the other new players Probst likes? Click on the video player below to see which other ones the host thinks match up well when compared to their returning loved one.