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Ultimate Australian mean girl Ja’mie King is finally getting the attention she deserves. Sorry, no offense, but it’s true. Australian comedian Chris Lilley’s recurring character, who has previously appeared on TV series We Can Be Heroes and Summer Heights High, will star in Ja’mie King: Private School Girl. The six half-hour episodes will air on HBO in the United States. The release of the new show’s teaser made us wish some other Lilley characters would get their own series, so here are five other characters that we think deserve the star treatment:

Warning: videos are NSFW due to explicit language.

1) Mr. G

Creative genius of such classics as Tsunamarama and Mr. G: The Musical, megalomaniac public school music teacher Mr. G is one of Lilley’s richest characters. Unintentionally ridiculous and almost as mean as Ja’mie, Mr. G is character ripe with hilarious conflict possibilities — especially if he was brought into contact with real Broadway talent.

2) Daniel and Nathan Sims

Twin teens from Dunt, Australia Daniel and Nathan Sims are typical teenage boys dealing with boring small town life, a new stepfather, and puberty. For as many times as Daniel calls Nathan (or NATHAN!) a d—head and for as many times as Nathan flips Daniel the bird, Lilley is able to capture the brothers’ genuine — albeit awkward — comradery.

3) Ruth Sims a.k.a. Gran

For a thirtysomething man to play an elderly lesbian juvenile detention worker is a tough sell, but Gran is Lilley’s most genuine and sweet character. Politically incorrect and no-nonsense, she is also caring woman who loves the young inmates as her own as well as her real grandsons, Daniel and Nathan. A Gran-centered show, with cameos from the Sims twins, would be filled with heart and profanity.

4) Jonah Takalua

Jonah just wants to provide some entertainment to the classroom, is that such a bad thing? The delinquent and class clown of Summer Heights High, Jonah is a troubled, angry kid with whom you can sympathize but that doesn’t make his antics any less funny. How about Puck You, Miss as a working title for a Jonah Takalua series?

5) Jen and Tim Okazaki

Jen Okazaki is a tiger mom to the ultimate extreme — manipulating her son, Tim (Jordan Dang), to pretend he’s gay in order to support his brand in the professional skateboarding world. But despite her overbearing demeanor and borderline (or not so borderline) emotional abuse, Tim is a talented, well-meaning teen. Following Tim as he tries to protect is younger brother Luke (Jen’s next project) would make for a cringe-worthy series, in the best possible way.

Which Chris Lilley-based character would you like to see in their own series?

Summer Heights High
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