Because apparently today is National Music Video Premiere Day in the United States, why not take a look at the just-dropped clip for Eddie Murphy’s return to the music world?

A brand new Murphy song called “Red Light” fell out of the sky last week, and it’s Murphy’s first single in two decades. To give you some perspective: That was two whole names ago for “Red Light” guest star Snoop Lion, who was then officially called Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Anyway, “Red Light” taps into that same hip-hop-kissed reggae vein that Snoop has been mining, and the clip includes a colorful walk through a tough neighborhood in search of some ice cream. Things you will not see in the “Red Light” video include a cameo by Sir Mix A Lot, references to the Beastie Boys, or any incidents of sledgehammerlingus.

Watch “Red Light” below.

“I had so much stuff recorded,” Murphy told Rolling Stone about why he came back to music after 20 years away. “Everything that’s on the shelf, it’s not a masterpiece but I got a lot of s— that’s really strong stuff. I was like, ‘I’ve got enough to do a whole record here that stands up on its own.’ Because I didn’t want to leave it at ‘Party All the Time.’ It’s a good song, but I didn’t want to leave it there.”

Murphy’s awkward-looking sleeveless hoodie notwithstanding, “Red Light” is a pretty satisfying experience all around, and if that’s the sort of thing we have to look forward to on his upcoming album 9, then he may finally stamp out the legacy of “Party All the Time” for good.

Actually, not really, because “Party All the Time” is forever.