The new Broadway show A Time to Kill asks a provocative question about a very hot button issue: “Is there ever a time to kill?”

The torn-from-the-headlines feel of this timeless question makes it a perfect fit for a new play about to hit the Broadway stage. A Time to Kill is a courtroom drama that grapples with race, innocence, and the media. It’s also the first of John Grisham’s popular novels to ever be adapted for Broadway. In the exclusive EW video preview below, the cast and producers discuss the challenges of taking on controversial topics, as well as their excitement for the work.

Adapted by Rupert Holmes, A Time to Kill tells the story of a Southern community torn in half by an unspeakable crime. As the horrific news hits the public, small town America becomes the center of a media storm that has lives hanging in the balance.

Starring Sebastian Arcelus (House of Cards), Ashley Williams (How I Met Your Mother) and Tom Skerritt, A Time to Kill will premiere on Broadway Sept. 28. Check out an exclusive video preview below: