My Little Brony

Friendship really is magic — especially the friendship between a little girl and her beloved potbellied nerd doll. The new My Little Brony figurines featured in the ad below come with everything a fan-of-fans needs to enjoy hours of engrossing play: brushable hair, explicit pony-on-pony fanfiction, even cargo pockets stuffed with loose raisins!

OK, so Funny or Die’s fake ad may not amuse real, live Bronies, who must be pretty tired of defending their taste in TV right now — but accurate or not, it’s good for more than a few laughs. And if you’re a disgruntled Pegasister wishing everyone would just leave your fandom alone, ignore the clip and take solace in some other corner of the Internet. May we suggest starting with the crossover tale “My Little Sharknado”?