September 06, 2013 at 01:49 PM EDT

Katy Perry roared her way onto Good Morning America earlier today, flanked by cheerleaders and clad in a sunny, surprisingly demure daisy-covered dress. Though the singer exclaimed that she hardly ever gets up this early, she seemed pretty wide awake — get it?! — as she greeted the show’s team and unveiled the cover of her upcoming album, Prism.

Again — surprisingly low key for KP! Guess she’s taking this whole more mature image thing seriously. Well, that or she’s wearing a confetti-spewing bra just out of frame.

The photo above wasn’t the only reveal Perry had for GMA viewers. From the moment she first appeared on camera, the show began counting down to the announcement of another “big surprise.” Was it a new single? A tour? A marriage proposal for John Mayer??

Nope! The  morning show and the singer are simply collaborating on the ROAR with Katy Perry Contest, which calls for high school students to record themselves and their classmates performing their own rendition of Perry’s no. 1 single. The winner’s school will receive a live concert by Perry on October 25, 2013 — three days after Prism‘s release. (The date also happens to be Perry’s 29th birthday.) Watch Perry announce the contest below:

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