What a difference 17 years make. In 1996, Zac Hanson was an angelic 11-year-old who enjoyed taxi rides, cornrows, and frolicking on the beach with his equally blond brothers. Nearly two decades later, he’s a grown man with two children (!) and no qualms about calling an overly enthusiastic female fan a “drunk b–ch.”

While performing “Lulabelle” in Richmond, Virginia recently, Hanson was interrupted by a disturbance from the audience. Naturally, the incident was caught on video.

“Seriously?” Zac exclaims, halting the song. “I’m singing this beautiful song about a little girl, and this drunk b–ch just said ‘I wanna'” …something; it’s tough to say for sure, because at that point Hanson’s words are drowned out by cheers. (YouTube commenters say that the offending audience member yelled out something that is unprintable here.)

“You can go home,” he continues. “I’m going to start that verse over so the rest of us can enjoy it.” The audience eats up his plea for quiet, responding with even louder claps and hoots. So… guess Hanson got what he wanted?