By Andrew Asare
Updated September 05, 2013 at 03:20 PM EDT

It’s been a long thirty days, but Yahoo has finally revealed its new logo.

Along with acquiring companies left and right–as part of massive re-branding campaign, injecting a new, hip and fresh visual under the influence CEO Marissa Mayer, the tech brand unveiled their new logo at midnight on Thursday. The revamped trademark symbol, with its familiar font color and exclamation point is the result of a 30-day campaign in which the company rolled out a new, rejected logo each day until it revealed off the above redesign.

“We wanted a logo that stayed true to our roots (whimsical, purple, with an exclamation point), yet embraced the evolution of our products,” Kathy Savitt, chief marketing officer wrote on Yahoo’s Tumblr.

Announcing the new logo– with the input of at least five people contributing to its design—here’s a minute-long walk-through crafting every tiny detail of the logo—set to Empire of the Sun’s “Alive”:

So what do you think of the new logo? Overwhelming or underwhelming?