By Grady Smith
September 05, 2013 at 09:15 PM EDT

Well, this might be the most Katy Perry-ish thing Katy Perry has ever done.

The singer’s new music video for her current No. 1 single “Roar” dropped this afternoon, and the jungle-themed clip is pretty much the most on-the-nose visualization of the song you could get. (At least considering the fact that she already used the boxing interpretation at the VMAs.) That’s fine with us — we’re not fans of Perry because of her subtlety. And the video, which details how Perry evolved from a plane-wrecked damsel into a Chiquita Banana-inspired jungle queen, is pretty hilarious.

She makes cartoon faces like this:

And sings to blue macaws:

And brushes crocodile teeth:

And administers elephant pedicures:

And tames the tiger that ate her boyfriend:

It’s all very silly, and quintessentially Perry.

What do you think, readers?