Credit: PBS

British actor Tom Hiddleston took a snack break with Sesame Street‘s Cookie Monster and the resulting video contains two lessons — one on why delayed gratification is a good thing and the other on how to successfully use your English charm to quell a monster.

The Thor and The Avengers star turned down his action-adventure persona and turned on his best tutelary tricks to show Cookie Monster why waiting to eat one chocolate chip cookie may yield an even better surprise in the near future. The PBS video opens with Hiddleston, looking dapper in a trim cut suit, waving around a tasty looking treat, teasing and tantalizing Cookie Monster with its crumbly goodness. Cookie Monster longingly gazes at the cookie in his palms – “Ah yes, I’ve just made the correlation with your name and what I’m about to eat,” says Hiddleston.

“Oh this hard! This hard for Monster – PLEASE!” Cookie Monster yelps. Trust us, Cookie man, it’s hard for those of us watching from the other end too.

Try to resist the freshly baked adorableness of their interaction here: