British cartoonist and artist Ralph Steadman is probably best known for his squiggly lined collaborations with Hunter S. Thompson, whose early works of gonzo journalism in the 1970s Steadman illustrated in magazines and books. Steadman is the focus of Charlie Paul’s new documentary For No Good Reason, which plays next week at the Toronto film festival before a release in U.S. theaters sometime early next year. In this exclusive clip (after the jump), Steadman recalls his very first assignment with Thompson, covering the 1970 Kentucky Derby for a now-defunct magazine called Scanlan’s Monthly. “I think what he saw in this, our connection, was somebody that somehow saw the thing in pictures as he saw it in words,” Steadman recalls. “And that seemed to me to be part of the whole chemistry of it, that our chemistry there made gonzo possible.” And yes, that is the familiar voice of Johnny Depp, a longtime friend of Steadman’s who appears frequently in For No Good Reason, narrating passages from Thompson’s Scanlan’s piece, “The Kentucky Derby Is Decadent and Depraved.”