September 04, 2013 at 05:38 PM EDT

On Sept. 10, Apple is holding an event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California to reportedly unveil new models of the iPhone, from a standard upgrade for the iPhone 5 to a brand new model that’s meant to be more affordable for those in developing regions. The event will also feature the release of an overhaul to the iOS mobile operating system, according to Bloomberg.

All that sounds great and fancy, but what does it really mean for those of us with iPhones? Well, iOS7 has been introduced with a number of new features, including a Control Center, a Notification Center, and better multitasking (so all of those commercials can finally stop). It also promises an overall more organized experience when it come to things such as photos, and easier sharing with AirDrop, which uses WiFi and Bluetooth to share anything from an app. And did we mention the more colorful screen?

So far so good. But considering my iPhone is pretty much my best friend at this point, there are a few other adjustments I’d really like to see:

Colorful options: It’s time for customers to be able to get a blue iPhone if that’s what they want. It’s been five years. This relationship is not just black and white (and champagne) anymore.

Time stamps on iMessage: Surely this isn’t too much to ask for. It’s as simple as knowing when you sent a message, which works with text messages, so why doesn’t it apply to iMessages?

Easy picture editing: iOS7 has mentioned the ability to add filters to photos, which is great — or pointless if you’re an Instagram person — but what I want is to be able to edit photos easily without having to get a separate app.

Complete app control: Maybe this will never happen, but being able to get rid of the apps I don’t use (even the pre-installed ones) would really free up some space on my beloved home screen.

Auto-translate: I’m talking about the ability to translate a text message without ever leaving the app. Let that sink in.

Better battery life/wireless charging: I’m told this exists, so why am I still plugging in my phone at night?

Tactile screen: I’m told this exists, so why am I still touching a seemingly flat surface?

Individual MiFi for every phone: Without any extra cost, please and thank you.

Financial aid: No, my iPhone doesn’t need to lend me money. But if it could alert me when my bills are due without me having to add it in my calendar myself, my credit would greatly appreciate it.

Upgraded alarm clock: Here’s the deal — I want my alarm clock to 1) Link with my calendar, so it can wake me up by telling me that I have a 9 a.m. meeting (or whatever); 2) Be able to sound like anyone I want. I would definitely wake up if Ben McKenzie were saying “Good Morning,” wouldn’t you?; And 3) There’s no reason why my iPhone can’t know the difference between me turning off the alarm in a semi-comatose state and actually waking up. Bottom line: I shouldn’t oversleep anything ever again. Look, I’m not asking it to make me breakfast — let’s not get crazy — but it would be nice if it could turn on my coffee pot, pour my coffee, add milk and two sugars, and then put the mug on my nightstand (but not too close that I knock it over getting out of bed).

Shopping assistance: I don’t need my iPhone to carry my grocery bags (though that would be helpful), but it would be great if it could look in my fridge and tell me if my eggs have expired, how much wine is left, and if I have enough milk for it to make my coffee for the rest of the week.

Overall companionship: When my roommate is gone and something like Batfleck happens, I need someone to talk to. My iPhone knows what’s going on with Twitter and such, so why can’t I just talk to him/her about it (gender will be determined by what color phone I get)? And when we’re done chatting, it can give me endless compliments! Too much?

Now I pass the torch to you, PopWatchers. What changes would you make to your iPhone?

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