By Jennifer Arellano
September 03, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
A24 Films
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With summer coming to a close, Oscar season is officially in full swing. James Franco, fresh from his Comedy Central Roast, kicks off the first of the “For Your Consideration” ads that appeal to awards-show voters. In a bid to secure a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nomination for his role as Alien in Spring Breakers, the film’s distributor, A24, launched a campaign called “Consider This Sh–,” The Hollywood Reporter first reported.

In Spring Breakers, directed by Harmony Korine, Franco plays a kind of Spring Break Jesus, in the form of a rapper/hustler/predator of college girls — replete with chest-length cornrows and a grill, and a psycho-Southern accent.

Though not considered a leading contender for the category, a spokesperson for A24 films told The Hollywood Reporter, “James Franco has created a character so indelible it deserves recognition. We are excited to be able to support it with a campaign and know the impact of Alien will last far past this awards season.”

In the ad, Franco, dressed to the Florida-swag hilt as Alien, is book-ended by two out of four of his college-age, perma-bikini-clad protégés: Brit (Ashley Benson) and Candy (Vanessa Hudgens). Franco is leaning against a white car and proudly double-fisting Oscar statuettes.

Franco was last nominated for an Oscar at the 2011 show for his performance as mountain climber Aron Ralston in 127 Hours.

Not a member of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences? Not to worry, you can lend your support to Alien, er Spring Break Jesus, er James Franco by memorizing his “Look at my sh–” speech, or basking in the pink afterglow of the bizarrely entrancing ensemble cast cover of Britney Spears’ “Everytime” in Spring Breakers in this fan video.

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