We go over what happened in the show's seventh season and name the season's best episode

By Maricela Gonzalez
Updated August 30, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

Starting with a flash-forward to Barney’s wedding to a mystery bride, the season tracks the nine months of Lily and Marshall’s pregnancy. Between lady loves Nora and Quinn (Becki Newton), plus a meaningful night with Robin, Barney secures more girlfriends this season than Ted, who still can’t find ”the one.” Robin’s romantic life goes through drastic ups and downs, too, from pining over Barney to accepting Kevin’s (Kal Penn) proposal to rejecting Ted again. Yet her career soars, as she’s promoted to coanchor. Marshall and Lily deal with the fears and joys of impending parenthood (including a flirtation with the burbs). By season’s end, Marvin Wait-for-It Eriksen is born, Ted drives into the sunset with runaway bride Victoria, and Barney proposes to Quinn — but in a startling flash-forward, Robin is revealed as Barney’s future bride.

Best Episode: ”Symphony of Illumination” Robin takes the narrative reins from Ted. She thinks she’s pregnant after cheating with Barney, but they’re both happy to discover it’s a false alarm. Then comes the devastating news: Robin learns she can never have biological kids. What makes this episode so captivating is the peek we get at Robin’s happy, fulfilled, and childless future. To give away the ending but keep us invested in the journey? That’s one of HIMYM‘s greatest feats.

Best Sound Bite ”I got my pregnancy boobs! I’m in that sweet spot where the chestal area knows I’m pregnant but hasn’t told the downstairs neighbors.” —Lily

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