Your praise over our Fall Movie Preview coverage, loyalty for the Alamo Drafthouse theaters, and more

By EW Staff
Updated August 30, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

Fall’s Finery
I get excited every time I see the Fall Movie Preview roll out; I really enjoy learning about all sorts of films I’ve never heard of before. I’m especially looking forward to the love between man and machine in Her and the butt-monster terror in Bad Milo!
Dian Dinh
Parkville, Md.

The celebrity illustrations by Autumn Whitehurst in your Fall Movie Preview are nothing short of spectacular. If I were Scarlett Johansson or Morgan Freeman, I’d be asking for the originals to hang on my wall.
Betsy Sprouse
Alexandria, Va.

Considering how sensitive certain movie studios are about film titles these days, I’m surprised the upcoming movie Rush isn’t being called Ron Howard’s Rush. I guess no one remembers the 1991 Jason Patric/Jennifer Jason Leigh film of the same name.
Craig Pearman
Greensboro, N.C.

Remember the Alamo
Thank you for the article on the very excellent Alamo Drafthouse theaters (Movies). Not only do they set the gold standard for affordable dine-and-watch theaters, but their special events are like no other. The Last Unicorn on the big screen with an author meet-and-greet? Yes, please.
Kate Harding
Beaumont, Tex.

Repeat Offender
Why is it necessary for Fox to develop a U.S. version of Broadchurch, a British show that’s currently being broadcast on BBC America (News and Notes)? Is David Tennant’s Scottish accent really that difficult for American audiences to understand? Or is there such a lack of creativity that remaking originals is the only sure way to get a hit?
Remla Parthasarathy