As summer winds down, the stars of our favorite TV shows are clocking in for a new season; EW was there to capture the action

By Sandra GonzalezMandi BierlyHillary Busis and Ray Rahman
Updated August 30, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
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Location: Austin; Date: July 12, 2013

While the cast of NBC’s hit when-the-lights-went-out drama was excited to get back on the set to film season 2, there was one thing they weren’t looking forward to: the triple-digit temperatures on their new location in Texas. ”It’s just a big old lovefest down here, but it is hard work, as you might imagine, when you’re in 104-, 105-degree heat — especially since most of our stuff is shot outdoors,” says Billy Burke, who plays rebel leader Miles Matheson. Other than thirst, the most looming on-set hazard? Clumsiness. Burke and his costars — including Tracy Spiridakos, who plays Miles’ spirited niece/fellow rebel Charlie — have to constantly worry about getting injured, though not how you might imagine. ”It’s a very physical show,” explains Burke. ”And there’s no way to do fight scenes without actually doing them. But you never get hurt doing the big stuff. It’s always doing something stupid — like tripping on your shoelaces.” —Ray Rahman


Location: Los Angeles; Date: July 31, 2013

Several episodes into the ninth season of Bones, the walls in star Emily Deschanel’s trailer are still bare. But if tradition holds, they won’t stay that way for long. Every year, Deschanel says, she likes to create a collage of memories from the season — everything from show props to botched autographs. (She once kept one in which she wrote ”Thanks for asking” instead of ”Thanks for watching.”) Another secret from the set? Deschanel and the cast, including costar David Boreanaz, have been known to break out into song — Deschanel claims they know the soundtrack to Annie in its entirety: ”We’re just kind of goofy actors and silly people.” —Sandra Gonzalez

Grey’s Anatomy

Location: Los Angeles; Date: July 23, 2013

Patrick Dempsey is spending more time with infants than interns these days. After longtime couple Derek (Dempsey) and Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) welcomed a baby boy in the May finale, this season finds Dempsey sharing lots of screen time with his littlest costars. ”I have a baby in my hands all the time now, or I’m carrying a toddler,” he says, referring to the onscreen couple’s two children. True, a lot has changed for the McDreamy doc in the past nine seasons, but Dempsey says he’s lucky to have shared the ride with Pompeo, whom he counts as a good friend. ”It’s like we’re a married couple at this point,” he jokes. But with Sandra Oh finishing her run on the show this season and his future with Grey‘s still ”up in the air,” Dempsey says the upcoming year ”is a complete celebration. I think there’s just a real great feeling with everyone…. We want to enjoy it as much as we can.” —Sandra Gonzalez


The Carrie Diaries

Location: New York City; Date: July 23, 2013

We couldn’t help but wonder: What happens when a twentysomething Samantha Jones (newcomer Lindsey Gort) joins the cast of The CW’s Sex and the City prequel? Simple: ”It’s going to be a more sexy show,” says star AnnaSophia Robb, who plays the teenage Carrie Bradshaw. ”Samantha has such a sex appeal, but also this kindness about her and such a big heart. And Lindsey definitely brings that to the table.” Befriending Sam gives Carrie more opportunities to explore the city — season 2 features scenes in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park and the Staten Island Botanical Garden. But whether they’re tromping through SoHo or lounging around the quirky apartment Carrie is house-sitting, Robb feels perfectly at home with the cast and crew. ”We worked so hard in season 1, and now we all get to be back together,” she says. ”It feels like a family reunion.” —Hillary Busis


Location: London; Date: July 10, 2013

Shooting the season 2 premiere in Sherlock’s homeland during the height of Royal Baby Watch nearly gave Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller) and Watson (Lucy Liu) a new mystery to solve: Where would the CBS drama film if Kate Middleton went into labor at St. Mary’s Hospital on the day they were scheduled to shoot in nearby Paddington Station? ”We didn’t have a plan B, so that was going to be very interesting,” Liu says. ”All the anxiety turned out to be for naught.” While Liu and Miller had fun filming in tourist-friendly Trafalgar Square — ”Our first AD was like, ‘Quiet on the set!’ and we looked at each other like, right,” she says with a laugh — the best time was had by Rupert, the stuffed giraffe that serves as director of photography Ron Fortunato’s mascot. ”I land in London and I get a photo of Rupert with Big Ben in the background. I was like, ‘Rupert’s here!”’ Liu says. ”They went location-scouting together.” —Mandi Bierly

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