Hooked On A Feeling

David Hasselhoff has been many things: A lifeguard, a dude with a really cool talking car, a music star (in Germany), a cheeseburger-lover, and even a highly desired cardboard cutout. But what is it about this man that makes him so popular? Well, we found one video that sums just about everything up.

You see, back when music videos weren’t as fancy as they are today, people were forced to get a little creative. For some, that meant intricate dance routines and outrageous outfits. For Hasselhoff, it meant the chance to fly and clone himself. We have no idea what his inspiration was for his “Hooked On A Feeling” video, and we don’t care. We’re just so happy it happened.

Check out the music video for “Hooked On A Feeling” below:

Hooked On A Feeling
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