By Darren Franich
Updated August 29, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
Credit: CBS

The 3 AM alliance was no more. Andy and Aaryn were up on the block, after a failed attempt by Elissa and a coalition of like-minded individuals to send Amanda packing. Would McCrae and Amanda support longtime friend Andy, or their eternal enforcer Aaryn? And how would the rest of the house vote, after a tension-filled week that saw Amanda launch a campaign of verbal torture on Head of Household Elissa?

Well, the votes are in, and [SPOILERS FROM HERE] Aaryn was voted out by a unanimous 5-0 decision. This ends one of the single most controversial runs by any player in Big Brother history, which began way back in week one with regular racist/homophobic/generally anti-human tirades. Since becoming Public Enemy Number One, Aaryn had a curious game, winning four HoH competitions but mostly doing the dirty work for McCramda. When she shook Julie Chen’s hand outside of the house, the host deadpanned: “We have a lot to talk about.” That led into one of Chenbot’s most intensive post-eviction grillings, which included reading back some of Aaryn’s most controversial statements. “I do not remember saying those things,” said Aaryn — and the crowd outside the BB house audibly guffawed.

The episode concluded in the midst of a pivotal HoH competition. Earlier in the episode, we saw Andy, Judd, GM, and Spencer form a misfit-toys alliance called the Exterminators: Can they seize control, or will McCramda rule the roost yet again? (Julie rounded out the episode with the announcement that next Thursday will see yet another Double Eviction.)

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