By EW Staff
Updated August 28, 2013 at 08:15 PM EDT
Summer Movie Awards
Credit: Gemma La Mana

We’re approaching the end of Labor Day weekend, which means we’ve once again come to the end of the Summer Movie season. It was a curious summer for Hollywood. Big new movies starring megastars like Will Smith and Johnny Depp couldn’t outgross the scary doll in The Conjuring or the magicians in Now You See Me. Superheroes ruled the box office (like always) alongside female-centric films (huzzah!), and Pixar got out-Pixar’d by Despicable Me 2. But there are more important things than money. Like who had the coolest exoskeleton? Who wore a white tank top best? What bad movie had a good soundtrack? And gosh darn it, which movie had the coolest fight? That’s where you come in, fellow moviegoer. We’ve assembled our list of finalists for our authoritative, doctor-approved Summer Movie Awards, and we need you to vote. So scroll down and get started! — Darren Franich