By Hillary Busis
August 28, 2013 at 01:45 PM EDT

What do all your favorite feline clips — The Great Catzby, The Catrix, even Cannes Palm D’or winner Meowcolm X — have in common?

Well, though each one looks like a low-fi short that simply captures kitties being kitties, these ace time-wasters actually share one visionary director: Shula Von Hollow, the Orson Welles of cat videos.

You’ll find Shula’s story — her slow rise to the top, her first meeting with muse/cat Javier, how she lost everything when a certain keyboard-playing furball emerged — in this special Funny or Die video, released to coincide with the second annual Internet Cat Video Festival. (We know what you’re thinking: “Isn’t every day Internet Cat Festival day?” Incredibly enough, the answer is technically “no.”)

Ailurophiles will be pleased to note that Shula is played by Julie Klausner, a prolific comedian, podcaster, and notable cat fancier in her own right. Incredibly enough, her four-legged pal Jimmy Jazz doesn’t seem to make an appearance; maybe he suddenly got camera shy?