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Updated August 27, 2013 at 05:27 PM EDT
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Hello again, Dome obsessives! It’s me again, your fellow human being who enjoys watching TV-vision and is definitely not a Dome. Last night’s episode of Under the Dome continued last week’s trend towards world-building and mythology-dumping, with basically every secret being revealed and a trip to Bird Island, a pleasant little village which is on the exterior of Chester’s Mill but which is unfortunately on the interior of your favorite Dome! Let’s run down the ten most important things that happened last night:

1. There is a caterpillar inside of the Mini-Dome. Joe pointed out that the caterpillar has black, white, and yellow stripes, which means it will become a Monarch butterfly. By the end of the episode, the caterpillar had entered the chrysalis. Since we all know that “The Monarch will be crowned,” it seems very likely that something momentous will emerge from that chrysalis just in time for the season finale. Will it be a dead person come back to life? Or a giant butterfly man who fires pink stars in lines out of his fingernails? Or perhaps Dominic Monaghan as new cast member and Kingverse uber-villain the Crimson King? Dome!

2. Max is connected to a company called the Osiris Foundation. This is probably important, since Osiris was the Egyptian God of the afterlife and one of the twenty most convincing theories about Under the Dome is that the whole show is set in the Egyptian underworld.

3. Junior was the fourth hand. This was revealed in the single greatest dialogue exchange ever, between Angie and a random medical professional at the hospital:

Angie: “Do you know anyone else who’s had seizures lately?”

Random Medical Professional: “Not since your 10th grade dance!”

Turns out that Junior had a seizure way back then. Angie had forgotten this, because Dome.

4. Joe knows that Junior kept Angie captive. They fought about it, but then Angie convinced Joe that Junior was probably just driven crazy by the Dome. So all was forgiven.

5. Linda knows that Duke was in on the propane/drug scheme. But it turns out that Duke was just doing it to help the town, because he didn’t want any drugs in town, so he just agreed to keep the propane that made the drugs or whatever. So all was forgiven, although Linda wants to have a stern talking-to with Big Jim.

6. Max officially started her own Thunderdome. The people of Chester’s Mill demand gladiator fights, and Max managed to con them out of all of their money by betting on Barbie to take the fall. Max is such a ridiculous character who is basically Xenia Onatopp combined with Tony Montana with a dash of Cersei Lannister and various flavors of Die Hard villain, but Natalie Zea is really fun and they should kill everyone else off and make the show about Max.

7. Big Jim met Max’s mom. And it turns out that they were fellow high school students, but Max’s mom got married. She had a lot of really interesting things to say about Chester’s Mill, and the teeth behind all the smiles. Predictably, she died almost immediately. Here’s how it happened:

Max’s Mom [handcuffed on a boat]: Big Jim, you’re a bad person.

Big Jim: Sit down, or you’ll fall out of the boat.

Max’s Mom: I’ll show you how to sit down! [stands up, falls out of the boat, drowns]

8. Big Jim learned about Barbie’s shady past. Because Max’s mom decided to talk a lot before she died. Dome!

9. Julia learned that Barbie killed her husband. But technically it was her husband’s fault, because he had a big life insurance policy. So all is forgiven. Well, she said she wasn’t sure if all was forgiven. But like, the dude her killed her husband was standing right across from her, and she said “In the future, there can be no lies,” which in context sounded like, “Okay, so you can kill one husband, but that’s the limit, okay Barbie?”

10. The four hands touched the Mini-Dome. And pink stars surrounded them. “But what does it mean?” asked Junior. Truer words, never spoken.

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