August 27, 2013 at 03:00 PM EDT

Will Veep stand for victory on Emmy night? Not only are Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Anna Chlumsky and the HBO political comedy itself up for trophies, Arrested Development veteran Tony Hale is an Supporting Actor nominee for his scene-stealing role as Gary, adoring personal aide to the Vice President (Louis-Dreyfus). Although the ceremony doesn’t take place until Sept. 22, Hale shares the 10 ways that he has already started prepping for the Emmys.

1. Manage my sweet mother’s expectations.  Are you listening, Rita?

2. Start praying the camera adds 10 pounds of hair.  Are you listening, Jesus?

3. There has to be a way to get Joe Biden to endorse me.

4. Update my Linkedin account.  By the way, what is Linkedin?

5. Break the news to my wife that I’m taking Matt Walsh instead.

6. Browse the 2013 Tuxedo Collection by Spanx.  Yeah, cool it, Tim Gunn.

7. Practice intelligent but witty drug references in hopes of meeting Bryan Cranston.

8. Back wax.

9. Tell my 7-year old I’m performing with Taylor Swift so she’ll watch.  Also, start saving for her future therapy sessions.

10. Call my middle school bully and ask what he’s doing that night.  I can probably reach him at Hooters.

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