Mika Brzezinski, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, is steaming mad at Miley Cyrus for her raunchy, twerk-festering VMA performance. So mad, that she hijacked the talk show’s opening minutes to spew a diatribe of the former Hannah Montana star, calling her among other things, ‘sick’ and ‘disturbed.’

While her co-hosts tried to steer the dialogue towards a general discussion of fallen Disney stars, Brzezinski wouldn’t let off her Miley-milieu:

“I wouldn’t make a joke out of it actually. That was really, really disturbing. That young lady, who is 20, is obviously deeply troubled, deeply disturbed, clearly has confidence issues, probably an eating disorder, and I don’t think anybody should have put her onstage. That was disgusting and embarrassing,” she added.

And in case viewers really needed to be banged over their heads with her point: “The whole thing was cringe-worthy, but I feel bad for her. She is a mess. Someone needs to take care of her. Someone needs not to put her onstage and make a complete fool of herself,” Brzezinski went on.

And on: “It was pathetic, desperate, sick. She’s clearly disturbed that she needs to do that. And if I can just be very honest after having studied this for a lot of reasons, she doesn’t look healthy.”

Check out Brzezinski’s anti-Miley speech below:

Brzezinski wasn’t alone in the morning talk show circuit dismissing Cyrus’ “We Can’t Stop” performance. Fox and Friends also had something to say about it.

Co-host Steve Doocy declared, “I think it’s official Hannah Montana the character is dead.” (But I think Robin Thicke beat him to the punch when in a pre-show interview with Access Hollywood last night, when asked to drop hints about his paired performance he said, “Miley Cyrus is no longer Hannah Montana.”)

Martha MacCallum, co-anchor of Fox’s America’s Newsroom, longed for the good ‘ole days of watching a G-rated Cyrus on Disney. MacCallum provided commentary to the Thicke/Cyrus performance (video here, scroll down) that was equal parts wistful, disdainful and pop-culturally-uninformed:

“And this guy walks out. I don’t know what — What’s his name? Yeah, Robin Thicke, whatever,” she begins. “No more Hannah Montana that I watched with my daughter. She was really cute. She was funny. She was talented,” she adds.

When they cut to Miley giving Thicke the twerkdance of all lap dances, MacCallum says, “This stuff, I mean really? That’s bada-bing. There’s only one place that you should see that kind of thing. And you should have to pay to get into the door and show your ID.”

Brooke Shields, acting as guest co-host on the Today show, (who actually played Cyrus’ mother on Hannah Montana):

“I feel like it’s a bit desperate. Are you trying to be Gaga?” asked Shields.

Reminiscing on a Miley Cyrus concert she saw with her daughter, Shields said, “But she can sing beautifully and I feel if she lets that lead rather than her bottom lead.”

After all, Shields, a former child star in her own right, with those strangely sexy Calvin Klein jeans commercials, her underage Studio 54 partying, oh and that naked island movie, has some insight into what it’s like to be considered a sex symbol before you’re old enough to drive and wanting to do her own thing despite family/agents/media’s expectations.

Oh the print side, the news was less an obituary of a fallen Disney princess and more commentary on the content of Cyrus’ performance rather than her character:

Jim Farber, New York Daily News: ”Coupled with Miley’s not-quite womanly looks, the whole performance had a particularly disquieting air. If some consider Robin Thicke’s clip for “Blurred Lines” ‘kinda rapey,’ Miley’s show seemed ‘kinda kiddie-porny.'”

Jon Caramanica, The New York Times: “…this was a banner year for clumsy white appropriation of black culture – the shambolic, trickster-esque performance by Ms. Cyrus, to whom no one has apparently said “no” for the last six months or so, which included plenty of lewdness and a molestation of Robin Thicke…”

Laurel Brown, the Chicago Tribune: “Seriously, you sometimes have to wonder if mind-altering substances are required for anyone hoping to perform at the VMAs.”

Some outlets are letting their readers decide. NPR‘s got a poll grading Miley’s performance “On a scale of 1-5, from very offensive to great.”

And you, the fans had much to say via Twitter about Miss Cyrus.

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