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Gilmore Girls fans were thrilled when EW learned Lauren Graham’s novel, Someday, Someday, Maybe was in development at The CW as a one-hour drama.

The story, about a young woman with six months left on her three-year plan to make a career as an actress in New York City, seems a perfect fit for the network. And now more exciting news: Graham’s Parenthood co-star (and — Her? — Arrested Development fan favorite!) Mae Whitman read for the lead role.

“I brought Mae [Whitman] in to perform for the network,” Graham shared with EW. “I didn’t want people to think, she’s you but she’s not you. She is a muse for me, but she has a job and I would never – nor can I – pull her from that job. We’re all here at Parenthood through next year. It’s not at all up to me – but she is exactly the kind of person I would picture in that she is unique and talented.”

The show, planned for a fall 2014 launch if the pilot gets picked up and with a script written by Graham, will also likely incorporate the in-the-works sequel to the novel. “By the time the second book comes out – with any good luck we’ll be in the second year of the show,” she said. “They can coexist, they can borrow from each other. Like Game of Thrones with no incest, animals, or costumes.”

Reporting by Jessica Shaw

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