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Will Truman and Grace Adler belong together. That is why you can find their names on every “Greatest Television Couples” list there is, and odds are, they will be the one of the only platonic duos on said list. And why? Because they complete each other even without romance. They are two characters you actually hoped wouldn’t find love so that they could spend the rest of their lives living together in New York City, attending the Sound of Music sing-a-long, and winning the Suck On It cup at game night. But unfortunately, that’s not how things played out. Romance got in the way … a little too much for my liking.

As much as I always wanted Will and Grace to stay single and put their friendship first, I didn’t have a problem with Grace finding Leo or will Will finding Vince. I figured that my favorite couple could make their separate relationships work while still maintaining their friendship. After all, the show had spent eight years building up just how strong that friendship was, right? Wrong. Not only did the series finale have Grace get back with her cheating ex-husband, but it had Will and Grace part ways long enough for both of them to have college-aged children before their reunion. I’m sorry … WHAT?!

You’re telling me that two people who knew each other better than anyone and loved each other THE MOST suddenly woke up and were awkward around each other?! And then instead of finding a way to make it work, they decided to spend 18 years apart and miss raising their kids together? It’s just not possible. I don’t believe it. Will and Grace had been waiting to find love and start families. They always wanted to raise their kids together (if not have one of their own). I can’t fathom that a day would go by where they wouldn’t think of each other, much less 18 years. The series is called Will & Grace, not Will and his family & Grace and her family.

And in addition to the lies, to have this sudden rift happen in the final episode made it that much more unbelievable. It’s as if the creators knew they wanted to include a big time jump, so they tried to do it in a way that would make the audience feel like they weren’t missing anything, because who would want to watch Will and Grace live separate lives? If that was their thinking, they succeeded, but that still doesn’t make it acceptable (or even remotely plausible).

So let’s talk about that flash forward: As cute as it is that 18 years later, Will and Grace’s kids go on a date and probably end up married, that doesn’t make up for the fact that the closest duo television has ever seen spent more years apart than they spent together. Bottom line: Will and Grace understood each other in ways even their significant others didn’t. It’s why they would’ve called each other countless times during their parenting years, and if they hadn’t, their significant others would have, because Will and Grace were unbearable when they weren’t leaning on each other.

Will and Grace weren’t the loves of each other’s lives, but they were soul mates, and they never — I repeat, NEVER — would’ve walked away from each other for what some could argue are the most important years of adult life. Plus, are we supposed to believe that Leo attended the Barney’s sale with Grace every year? Please. Like they would still be together if that were true.

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