Alice Guy Blache
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Be Natural

Alice Guy-Blaché isn’t a name that many members of Hollywood recognize, and that is exactly what co-directors Pamela Green and Jarik van Sluijs are trying to change.

Green and van Sluijs, along with executive producer Robert Redford, recently reached their Kickstarter goal of $200,000 to make a documentary, titled Be Natural, about Guy-Blaché, the 23 year old who became the first female director in 1896.

As the film’s Kickstarter page explains: “Alice Guy was the first female film director. She would become the first female movie studio owner, and one of the most prominent filmmakers in the industry, making her one of the highest paid women in the U.S.”

Guy-Blaché went on to write, direct and produce one of the first narrative films ever made. She was also among the first to use synchronized sound and encourage her actors to “be natural” in front of the camera, hence the film’s title.

The documentary, which is narrated by Jodie Foster, will give viewers a look into Guy-Blaché’s life, as well feature interviews with modern-day filmmakers such as Martin Scorsese, Catherine Hardwicke, and Diablo Cody.

Watch the full trailer for Be Natural below:

Be Natural
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