Credit: Larry Busacca/MTV

After seeing a few photos and a video of the seating chart for this Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, we couldn’t help but dream of the music-video awards show’s riff on a high school cafeteria. For one, dueling divas Lady Gaga and Katy Perry will sit in forced proximity throughout the three-hour event. Below, we consider five of the most potentially awkward-yet-entertaining possibilities.

Katy Perry/Lady Gaga

[When the cameras are on] Silence. Awkward smiles.

[When the cameras are off] Silence. No smiles.

Robin Thicke/Miley Cyrus

He sing-whispers, “You’re an animal. Let me liberate ya!” She twerks while agreeing, “It’s true. I can’t be tamed!” And that was the night a celebrity friendship made in pop-culture heaven was born!

Taylor Swift/Selena Gomez/Bruno Mars

Mars tries to teach Swift about a little thing called rhythm and then asks Gomez on a date, only one of which is successful (hint: it involves food).

Justin Timberlake/Kanye West

They exchange a friendly handshake laced with you-dissed-my-song anger from Timberlake and you-stole-Jay-from-me, I’m-a-musical-genius anger from West. By the end of the ceremony, they’re be planning a collaboration… but they still don’t really like each other.

Ed Sheeran/Drake

Drake: [Seething]

Your turn, PopWatchers! Before the big event airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV, tell us your dream VMA conversations.