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August 23, 2013 at 05:30 AM EDT

Scoops up!

Get ’em while they’re hot. And if you wait too long, they’ll curdle. Better yet, stir and drink! Stir and drink! (That went on much longer than I thought it would…)

Point being: Enjoy this week’s scoops! Got a question? Send it my way, please. And to those who sent in queries — thanks, as always!


Put yourself in the shoes of poor Jack Porter for a hot second. Your wife is dead. Your brother is dead. You have a newborn. And your friend just revealed that she’s actually your former childhood BFF who’s been posing as someone else. What are you going to do? GET THE HELL OUT OF TOWN, of course. But it won’t stay that way.

Over the course of Revenge’s season 3 premiere, Jack will return to the Stowaway and the ghosts of the town that took so much from him. And Sunil Nayar, the show’s new incoming showrunner, says Jack has a tough road ahead. “He has an absolute lot to synthesize for himself and, especially as a person who is so inherently moral and good, to have so much bad and betrayal enacted upon him has been a journey. And when we see him in the premiere, he’s obviously still on that journey, but also has asked himself a lot of questions and come up with answers to a few.” Which begs the question, though, why did Jack return at all? “You will get a sense of why that is,” Nayar teases. “And the other thing is, there’s a real connection to the Stowaway. It’s the bar his father created and it is where the memories of those he’s loved and lost lived. It’s the one anchor he has. In some ways, it represents his past, what happened with Emily represents his present and Carl represents his future.”

Throw him a bone, though, Nayar! Jack needs SOMETHING good to come his way. What about a new dog? “It’s funny you should say that,” he laughs. “You’ll see him explore that early in the season.” (Jack + puppy = best thing ever?)


I’ve made no secret of the fact that I loved the Teen Wolf finale. But here are three outtakes from my post-mortem with EP Jeff Davis.

+ On Isaac and Allison: Are they a ‘thing’ yet?

JEFF DAVIS: “It’s not officially a thing, but it’s definitely a relationship that’s complicated. So it’s going to cause a lot of complications for people and for their own lives. I think it’s interesting to show a different kind of love triangle where it’s not necessarily the two guys fighting over one girl but what you see is one guy doing his best to let go while realizing his best friend might be in love with his former girlfriend. And his girlfriend is trying to figure out, ‘how do I date my former love’s best friend?’ Those things are interesting to me. Not necessarily the pull of jealousy. It’s about, ‘How do we make this work and still stay friends?’ That’s hard to do in high school. That’s teenagers having to start acting like adults.”

+ Will be a time jump between season 3A and 3B?

JEFF DAVIS: Just a few weeks, like 3 weeks.

+ On the Halloween episode in the second half of the season:

JEFF DAVIS: “It is the fourth episode. We do the first two episodes are a two-parter. They tell one story so we can get some breathing room in that story and the [next] episodes revolve around both mischief night and Halloween. Things move very fast in Beacon Hills and you’ll see a lot of danger. I don’t want to see too much about them….You may not see them in quite the costume you think. And I’ll leave that up to your interpretation. You’ll see what I mean when it [airs].”


Raul Esparza is entering the new season of Law & Order: SVU with a big badge of honor: series regular status. So what does that mean for his character, ADA Rafael Barba? According to Executive Producer Warren Leight, storylines!

In one episode this season, for example, an old friend of Barba’s will come back into his life while running for mayor, and, as you might expect, it won’t be a seamless reunion. “The mayoral campaign in New York has been fraught with scandal, as you know, so we may touch on some of that this year,” says Leight. “We’ll get to know him a bit more and we’ll see him lobbying….he’s pretty…when the squad passes the baton over to the D.A.’s office, they know they have someone who can run as fast as they do, and that’s helpful to us in terms of storytelling.”

Leight warns, though, “he’s not without flaws and we’ll be looking at them.”

Meanwhile, look for Barba to also carry some guilt over the situation we left poor Olivia in. “I would say almost all the people on the squad have a degree of guilt about Lewis getting off,” Leight teases. “If he had been able to get the conviction on Lewis…they all feel like if they could have done something differently, this wouldn’t have happened.”

Bonus tease: That premiere episode? One of the most “harrowing” the show has ever done, Leight says. Prepare yourselves accordingly.


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