August 23, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

Elvis Costello, ”Radio Radio”
”When he first hit with My Aim Is True, I was probably 16, and he captured that angry-young-man angst, combined with a poetic kind of Catcher in the Rye outlook. It was a total revelation. It got me through my teenage years.”

The Clash, ”I Fought The Law”
”The Clash is a huge favorite of mine, and this is my favorite track. I have a live version of this that I run to. All the Clash’s songs sound the same, but it’s okay because they’re great.”

Coldplay, ”Fix You”
”I was doing a play in London about 10 years ago and friends had tickets. I went just because I wanted to see a concert in London, wishing it was Elvis Costello or the Who or something, but I was blown away by how amazing they were.”

R.E.M., ”Man On The Moon”
”My musical taste was arrested in about 1989, probably [laughs]…. All through my college years, they were the cool hip band you only knew if you really knew music, and then they became huge.”

Squeeze, ”Up The Junction”
”They’re a great band from the same era [as the Clash], and this is such a sweet, smart, sad song. I also have a tremendous amount of nostalgic love for their big breakthrough album, Argybargy.”

Climax Blues Band, ”Couldn’t Get It Right”
”I’m pretty sure they were one-hit wonders, and I get the feeling they’re Southern? But don’t quote me on that.” [Ed. note: They’re British!]

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