Hell on Wheels fans may want to keep an eye on the Twitter account of Quigley, the horse star Anson Mount rides on the AMC Western, come Saturday night. Odds are he’ll have a strong opinion about the scene in our sneak peek below. Cullen (Mount) and Elam (Common) run into a bit of trouble when they forge deep into Indian territory to secure a new lumber source after a railroad accident. In the clip, Jimmy Two Squaws (Brent Briscoe), a fur trader who became adept at marrying into tribes to consolidate his business networks and is frequently hired by railroad scouts and traders to negotiate with tribes on their behalf, delivers a request to Cullen from Red Bear (Adam Beach), chief of the Kiowa.

Regardless of how this scene plays out, Mount has teased that Quigley would become unemployed by season’s end: “It’s a dangerous position being Cullen Bohannon’s horse. I went through, like, five of them the first season. I’ve been on him the longest, and he really is the best horse I’ve ever ridden in my life.” The news was not taken well.

However, the two remain friends. (Mount’s name was among those bandied about online in discussions of who should play the new Batman.)

Hell on Wheels airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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