By Samantha Highfill
August 23, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT
Danny Feld/NBC

Odds are, if you’re a television lover, you have more than one favorite show. And sometimes, you might get to thinking about what it would be like if those worlds collided. And while most of the time, it doesn’t work — Mad Men and The Carrie Diaries?! — there are a few instances where things just might click. For Aziz Ansari, that moment involved an intense binge-watching session of Scandal and dreaming about being in the presence of the woman-in-white, Ms. Olivia Pope.

“I’m such a big fan of the show,” Ansari told the LA Times. “I watched it in a few days. I was obsessed with Oliva and Fitz. I was obsessed with the voting card thing. I was obsessed with the weird naked fight. I was obsessed with everything.”

So how does he think a crossover between Scandal and Parks and Recreation would work? “I secretly believe they are in the same universe. I think Harrison and Tom are college roommates and they used to have an R & B group together called … Too Much is Not E-Nuff. We have to shoot that, the crossover episode. It’s really simple: There’s some sort of issue that Leslie needs to deal with, and then Tom’s like, ‘Duh, lemme call my guy’ and then it’s like boom, boom, boom, glitter, glitter, glitter, Pope & Associates magically appear. Ann who? It’s Knope and Olivia Pope now.”

We don’t hate this idea. Leslie does have a few things that could be “handled.” And seeing the perfectly dressed Harrison in any sort of R & B outfit would just be heavenly. And this got us thinking: What other shows would we love to see collide?

Here are a few crossovers we dreamed up:

Game of Thrones/True Blood

Back in Eric Northman’s viking days, he once stumbled upon Westeros, where he slept with nearly all the women in the land and learned how to fight. Also, who do you think cleaned up the mess left behind by the Red Wedding?

Web Therapy/Pretty Little Liars

Unable to escape their cyber bully and forced to attend separate colleges, the four Liars turn to Web therapist Fiona Wallice for comfort. She’s quickly confused by their situation and overwhelmed by questions like “Who is A?” “Is Alison alive?!” Fiona decides she has no idea how to help the girls, so she ends their sessions. She later receives a text from A.

Grey’s Anatomy/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

When the agents start to wonder how Coulson came back to life, we get a flashback to Coulson being flown to Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, where the brilliant heart surgeon, Cristina Yang, performs a miracle surgery that saves his life.

Orange is the New Black/Breaking Bad

A flashback into Alex’s life reveals that 10 years ago, she wasn’t the one in charge of the drug ring, but rather she was working for a silently powerful man with glasses. That man was Gus Fring. It wasn’t until Walt killed Gus that Alex was discovered and sent to prison.

House of Cards/New Girl

Twist! Nick finds out he has a half-sister living in D.C. He takes the gang along for the journey, where Jess has to occupy Frank — they share a plate of ribs — and Nick tries to learn more about Zoe. But alas, she’s not his half-sister after all. Plus, Frank put out a hit on Jess, so the gang decides to leave D.C. behind.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Any dream crossovers you want to pitch? Sound off in the comments!