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You could do a LOT worse on a “foaming vagina” Google search than to end up on this post. I just checked.

Nina “Mean-a” Garcia embellished her critique of deaf Project Runway contestant Justin LeBlanc’s “Glamping” gown with some campy Michael Kors-esque flair. “It almost looked like she had a… foaming vagina,” Nina said, choosing her words carefully after laying eyes upon this hot glue gun craft project disguised as a runway look. I’m just sad we didn’t get to see it in sign language for the full, explosive effect. (SPOILER ahead.)

Here’s the full view:

Not to be outdone, Garcia’s fellow judge Zac Posen said, “She looks like she went camping and got hit by a raccoon with rabies.”

I for one instantly agreed with Heidi Klum that Justin’s gown resembled one of those trashy Halloween costumes that come in a see-through bag. Heidi would BURN THAT SH*T if she had the chance/it was October!

“This just looks can-can,” said Tim Gunn.

BUT! After the judges eliminated Justin from the competition, Hot Glue Gunn used his one and only save of the season on (hopefully) the one and only foaming vagina of the season.

So Justin is back IN! “I believe that the judges made an error — and that’s what the Tim Gunn Save is all about,” said Tim Gunn Save expert Tim Gunn.

Meanwhile, Alexandria von Bromssen won the Glamping challenge with her denim top and white “poopy pants.” Jeremy Brandrick (who had immunity) and Alexander Pope (not the literary critic) joined her in the Top 3.

Stay tuned for EW’s full ‘Runway’ recap later on. Update: Here it is!

Did Justin deserve to stay after this one explosive slip-up? And will “foaming vagina” go down as the best Runway insult of all time?

For the record, my previous fave insults were all from Kors:

–“transvestite flamenco dancer at her own funeral”

–“avocado goiter”

–something a Teletubby would wear to a party”

Oh, and of course, the classic “Here she is, pooping fabric.”

But Nina might have these beat. Thoughts? Vaginal concerns? Discuss.

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