By Mandi Bierly
August 20, 2013 at 05:38 PM EDT
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Tonight is the episode fans of USA’s Suits have been waiting for: We flash back 10 years to when Harvey (Gabriel Macht) and Donna (Sarah Rafferty) were working in the D.A.’s office and discovered Cameron Dennis (Gary Cole) was burying evidence and Mike (Patrick J. Adams) was about to get kicked out of college. Here, creator Aaron Korsh offers seven teases for the hour, which will reveal “the other time” Harvey was at Donna’s apartment. Come back to tonight at 11 p.m. ET for a postmortem interview with Korsh and Rafferty. 

1. “The framing device of the episode is that Jessica [Gina Torres] has just put Harvey’s name on the door on the eve of his being able to take over the firm from her,” Korsh says. “So a lot of the episode is about him reflecting on the difference between Jessica and Cameron and coming to decide is he going to follow through with this quest to take over the firm from her.”

2. “Since Cameron has been our foe this year, we thought we’d love to see back when they were at least a little bit friendly,” he says. (Translation: Cameron also quotes movies.)

3. “Obviously Harvey and Donna are [now] having a conflict regarding Stephen [Max Beesley], so it’s a great chance to show their origin story, so to speak, and also get in the story of ‘the other time,'” Korsh says. (Adds Rafferty: “I was thrilled by how wonderfully they established Harvey and Donna’s original dynamic and how beautifully they revealed why they have such a strong relationship and so much respect for each other. … I will say that I think there will be some surprises. And then I will cackle.” Which she did. )

4. Korsh also wanted viewers to meet Harvey’s father in the flashback. “So the challenge of this from Harvey’s point of view was to get all of those things in while also creating some movement in the current day,” he says.

5. The challenge with Mike’s flashback was to make it relevant to his present with Rachel (Meghan Markle). “We try to connect it to the decision that Rachel is making about where to go to law school, and does Mike want to affect her pursuit of her dream in light of the fact that his pursuit of his dream was derailed when he was younger?”

6. Trevor isn’t the only familiar face we’ll see in Mike’s flashback. “How could we go back 10 years and not see Grammy?” Korsh asks.

7.  Korsh makes his vocal debut on the show. Listen for his voice shouting when Louis (Rick Hoffman) is in the elevator.

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