That scream you heard this morning was the sound of millions of twenty-somethings realizing the power of never giving up on their dreams: Although unconfirmed, reports say NSYNC will be reuniting at the VMAs Sunday. That’s right, after years and years of Justin Timberlake personally tearing up your heart by refusing a reunion, it appears that all Timberlake was really waiting for was the moment he needed a serious boost of positive publicity. (The second half of his album The 20/20 Experience will be released in September.)

There are a lot of decisions to be made here: The New York Post says “reunion performance,” so it’s not clear if it’s going to be a quick “Bye Bye Bye” chorus while Justin gets his “Michael Jackson Video Vanguard” Award, or if they’re going to fully “Pop”-ify Barclays Center like it’s still 2001. Will the costumes be over-the-top? Will Timberlake don cornrows? Will more or less than three members appear on puppet strings? Will Chris Kirkpatrick crack under the pressure of performing complicated live choreography once again? So many questions!

From a fan perspective, I would hope that if all involved have agreed to finally do this, they do it right, which means giving the world the full (five minutes, minimum!) montage we’ve been waiting 10 years for. Lest you forget: NSYNC’s last televised performance was the 2003 Grammys, and then a charity performance or two a year later. Below, five things the show must include to be the reunion of our collective dreams.

1.) The “Bye Bye Bye” dance wave. Obvious, but necessary. Less obvious: I’m also going to need to see the perfectly in-sync lean back and snap forward. Basically, I want to see all the moves I haven’t seen since “Darrin’s Dance Groove” days.

2.) A ridiculous (matching!) costume of some kind. I’m not just talking about all-denim ensembles. The reunion of our dreams must include some article of clothing that anyone who isn’t a world-famous member of NSYNC wouldn’t be caught dead wearing onstage. Might I suggest five matching doctor’s coats?

3.) A moment of brilliant five-part harmonies, like the addicting intro to “Just Got Paid.” Note: Thanks to those pimp coats, this clip also satisfies the “ridiculous costume” requirement.

4.) At the height of their fame, technology was taking off, which meant there was always some kind of cheesy “Look what we can do!” aspect to their performances. Evidence: Their 2000 VMA medley that featured the guys singing, dancing, and… their heads on their own screens?

5.) This isn’t mandatory, but is it too much to hope Britney Spears may make an appearance? She’s got a new album to promote this fall as well, and they’ve done the VMA thing together before (in 1999). Sure, it’s unlikely, but just remember, up until a few hours ago an NSYNC reunion of any kind seemed about as likely as Joey Fatone releasing a hit solo single. Dare to dream the nostalgia dream!

Alright, time to discuss: What’s your perfect three-song medley you hope they perform? Mine is “It’s Gonna Be Me” (standard, but with the “Bye Bye Bye” move thrown in), “Pop” (because of the dance break in the middle), and “It Makes Me Ill” (Deep cuts!). Your turn.