1980s Bryan Cranston Prep H

You know how actors always talk about trying to find the “role they were born to play”? Well, we have a pretty good feeling that Bryan Cranston found that role in Breaking Bad‘s Walter White, and not just because he’s won three Emmys. Rather, it has something to do with the fact that Cranston has been preparing for the role since he was in high school.

Case in point: Bryan Cranston was in his high school Chemistry Club. While we doubt he knew how to make ricin when he took the Breaking Bad role, he was no stranger to beakers or the periodic table.

And just in case a knowledge of chemistry wasn’t enough, Cranston took it upon himself to make this groovy Preparation H commercial in the ’80s, which proved three things that would be of value to a meth cook/dealer: 1) He feels completely comfortable pronouncing big words; 2) He’s a good salesman; and 3) He can rock oversize glasses (which is less applicable to a meth cook/dealer than it is to a middle-age high school teacher).

Watch the commercial below:

At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if we found out if Cranston’s first words were “I am the one who knocks.” Honestly, can you think of anyone in Hollywood better suited for this role?

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