Disney has started to cash in on the countless crossover opportunities presented by the studio’s 2012 purchase of LucasFilm. Last month, the House of Mouse announced that a one-hour TV special will feature characters from both Star Wars and Disney Channel series Phineas and Ferb. EW now has more details on the special that will air in 2014.

As previously announced, step-brothers Phineas and Ferb will appear as residents of Tatooine who are thrust into a galactic rebellion when the plans for blowing up the Death Star accidentally fall into their hands.

While promoting their upcoming crossover with the Marvel universe, Phineas and Ferb creators Dan Povenmire and Jeff “Swampy” Marsh told EW that the Star Wars tribute takes place during the events of Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.

“All of [the plot of A New Hope] happens exactly the way it did, but we find out that Phineas and Ferb are Luke’s neighbors on Tatooine and become embroiled in the adventure,” Marsh said. “Our story all takes place as if you had a slightly wider shot, you could see our characters. Or if you just waited around five minutes after this [Star Wars] storyline, our characters would pass through, which was really really fun to do.”

The project has presented a challenging but fun search for voice talent.

“The Star Wars actors are now all 40 years older, so they don’t sound quite the same, so we’re trying to find people who sound like they did when they were young,” Povenmire said. “The guy we had come in to do Harrison Ford sounded so much like young Harrison Ford. It was like, if you didn’t look up you thought, ‘We have Harrison Ford in the booth!'”

Though the TV special won’t feature Mark Hamill voicing Luke Skywalker or Carrie Fisher voicing Princess Leia, Marsh promised a few yet-to-be-revealed cameos, “a few fun folks that also really fit in in a weird way with the whole Star Wars universe.”

With the Phineas and Ferb team creating two crossovers — one with Marvel characters and one with Star Wars characters — fans of course are hungry for a Disney project that brings together Marvel and Star Wars characters. Cort Lane, vice president of development and production at Marvel Television, told EW “there are no plans” right now to bring those two properties together.

But that doesn’t mean people aren’t already bursting with ideas for what that would look like should “no plans” ever morph into “plans that will get fanboys of all ages majorly geeking out.”

Travis Willingham, who voices Thor in Disney XD’s Avengers Assemble as well as this Friday’s Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel, suggests, “Can we get a Jedi in Stark Tower?” He also thinks Thor and Obi-Wan Kenobi would get along pretty well.

Fred Tatasciore, longtime voice of various animated iterations of Hulk, would like to see the biggest and greenest Avenger cross paths with the smallest and greenest Jedi. “Control your anger you must,” he quipped, slipping into Yoda’s voice.

What would you like to see happen in a seemingly inevitable Star Wars-Marvel universe crossover? Who would win in a duel between Thor and Darth Vader? Or perhaps we should ask ourselves what would happen if Thor’s hammer came into contact with a lightsaber. Would a kid-friendly TV special be the way to go, or would you like to see Disney push for a big screen, live-action merging of the two worlds? Or both?! Sound off in the comments section below.

Phineas and Ferb‘s tribute will air in 2014, though no specific premiere date has been set yet. Phineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel airs on Disney Channel this Friday, Aug. 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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