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Attention, musical theater lovers! Doon, a YA novel loosely based on the premise of the musical Brigadoon, hits shelves Aug. 20. The first in a four-book series by Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon, Doon follows best friends Veronica and Mackenna as they spend their summer vacation in Scotland. But things take a turn for the fairy tale when the girls find themselves in the mysterious land of Doon. Read on for an exclusive excerpt from Doon and achat with co-authors Corp and Langdon.

UP NEXT: Authors Carey Corp and Lorie Langdon talk Doon

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Your inspiration obviously came from Brigadoon. But why did you decide to write your own take on the classic musical?

LORIE LANGDON: When I was 16, I saw the musical Brigadoon and fell in love with the romantic tale of the village that only appears to the modern world once every one hundred years. But one thing always bother me about the original—during the hundred years, the people in Brigadoon sleep. Really? They sleep! I couldn’t stop thinking about what I could do with that hundred years.

Why change the gender and age of the travelers?

CAREY CORP: We both write young adult, so we wanted to take the concept and do something fresh. Right away we knew we wanted to tell a story of best friends, girls who are very different on the surface but have an unshakeable bond. Lorie and I are very close friends, and we drew on that friendship a lot as we carved out Mackenna (Kenna) and Veronica (Vee).

And why the decision to co-author? How did you end up working on this project together?

LL: We’d just finished editing our respective solo projects and were discussing what we each wanted to write next, when I mentioned my idea of doing a retelling of Brigadoon. Coincidentally, Carey had just complete her second young adult novel, so I was picking her brain on voice and technique when somewhere along the way our conversation took a detour. Our ideas for the mythical kingdom of Doon sparked an explosion of evil witches, magic spells, daring adventures, two unique best friends, and heroic princes in kilts. Soon, it became clear that this story was bigger that both of us, but that together we could make it amazing. So we jumped in with both feet and Doon was born.

How do you split up the work and writing?

CC: In the beginning, Lorie and I each created a character—Veronica for Lorie; Mackenna for me—and we alternated chapters, so it was a 50/50 split. Doon‘s journey to publication involved six intensive revisions. In each of those instances, chapters passed from one character’s point of view to the other…. The fifth revision was the hardest because we took our 50/50 split and made it 65/35 in favor of Vee. Several of Kenna’s chapters were rewritten for Vee. While this mist seem like a loss for Kenna, it actually made for a more focused, dynamic story that will allow us to segue into a more Kenna-centric sequel.

Veronica and Mackenna are faced with the tough choice of whether or not they want to stay in Doon. I won’t spoil it, but what would you do in their situation? Do you think you could leave the “real world” behind.

CC: If I was 18 and single—absolutely! I actually travelled around Europe for a couple of years between high school and college. If it hadn’t been for my sister’s graduation, I might’ve never come home.

LL: I’d love to visit Doon, but with my dreams of being a published author finally coming true, my life is going too well to leave forever…even for Jamie MacCrae!

There aren’t any movie plans for the book, but given the opportunity to dream cast a film adaptation, who would you want as Veronica, Mackenna, Duncan, and Jamie?

CC: No movie plans as of yet, but we’ll keep you posted. Lorie and I really haven’t found actors who perfectly fit our characters. But we’re very interested to hear who readers think could play them. So tweet us your fantasy casts!


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