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August 16, 2013 at 12:00 PM EDT

Happy Spoiler Room day, friends. Hope this week has been kind to you. Mine’s been pretty darn good (see page 2 for details on a pretty amazing day I had on one of my favorite sets this week) and the weekend promises even more good things to come (Saturday’s my birthday!). No, you don’t have to get me anything, but I will take some of your questions! Send them along to Consider it my gift to you.

Have a good one and see you next week.


Thank you Bones fans for your questions! Here’s some intel for you:

SO excited to see Freddie Prinze Jr. & David Boreanaz working together on Bones! Any deets on their characters Danny & Booth interactions? Friends or Foes? — Holly

Let’s go with complicated. You see, we meet Danny when he runs into Booth in the middle of an investigation on which they’re working on opposite sides. This, EP Stephen Nathan explains, allows the viewers to “see their friendship and relationship but also see the tension that exists between them because they’re operating from different sides.” And hope you like the character, who appears in the premiere, because he will be coming back at some point, per Nathan.

Other than the Sweets career crisis, what can you tell us about the fantastic B & B wedding and whether Booth’s friends will be around for multiple episodes or any other juicy scoop? We need more!!! — Ali

Wedding details are being kept under wraps, but it’s not unlike Bones to keep a few secrets from fans, which, by the way, transitions nicely into some scoop I CAN give you about a few OTHER secrets that will be revealed this season. “This season we are going to answer many of the questions that have plagued us and the audience for some time,” Nathan says. “We’re going to be looking at 4:47, the clock mystery. Perhaps we’re even going to find out what Brennan wrote to Booth when she was buried alive. Lots of character mysteries will be resolved this season.”

What else did you get from your interview with Stephen Nathan last week? Sounds like a great interview and I can’t wait to read it all! — Amelia

It was great because he’s great. And a master tease. One of my favorites? What he told me about Hodgins, who apparently will find out this season that his family history is “far more involved than he ever thought.” “A bill comes due that he never thought he had, but it had always been paid by the estate. Now, it comes to him and the bill is for a situation he could have ever envisioned,” Nathan says.


Poor Shay!…said everyone last May after our favorite female EMT got the news that prospective baby daddy Severide had fathered a child with another woman. (A blow that was dealt on the same day she found out their IVF treatments with her bestie hadn’t produced a little one.) But the good news? Shay’s a tough girl, who can handle a lot, according to EP Danielle Gelber.

“Shay is inherently a very strong person — the work she does every day and the things she has to see are not things the average person can handle,” she says. “So Shay can handle a lot of adversity, and she’s also a person who has a very strong sense of self. So we’re not going to see a huge tailspin either way.”

Gelber adds that the show “discussed every version of a pregnancy scenario between those three people that you could possibly imagine,” but ultimately the best drama would result from the scenario in which Renee (Sarah Shahi) ended up with a bun in the oven. “We’ve covered it all internally, rejected a lot of ideas, embraced others, and I think when you see the results, people will be happy with what we’ve chosen.”

While Shay and Severide will likely remain close throughout this sticky ordeal, the same can’t be said about Shay’s friendship with one other fellow FD cohorts.  Geller teases that “a shocking experience on the job that will threaten her close friendship with Dawson for a time” early in the season.


I would spend this whole paragraph raving about how good Teen Wolf has been this season, but that wouldn’t count as scoop, right? Didn’t think so. Ah, well. I guess these five nuggests about the show’s Monday midseason finale will have to do.

+ Early in the episode, there are some flashbacks that turn out to be worth their weight in valuable info.

+ [spoiler] saves the day with a baseball bat.

+ After the episode, Scott will be able to tell his dad: Remember that time my ex-girlfriend totally outsmarted you? But I don’t see that happening any time soon…since that would require the two of them talking!

+ Someone we love leaves home, possibly for good. And someone else (for whom we have no specific feelings) takes a hike as well…probably not for good.

+ Surprise (/not surprise?): The final minutes are a game-changer. Someone we know well will reveal themselves to be the likely big bad of season 3B and put the season so-far into perspective. It’s pretty brilliant — and scary.

FYI – the first part of season 3 wraps up Monday at 10 p.m.


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