The dispute between Time Warner Cable and CBS has prompted a class-action lawsuit by subscribers upset over paying for channels they don’t receive.

CBS and TWC are locked in a standoff over CBS’ request to increase carriage fees for its channels, a dispute that has resulted in CBS being pulled from Time Warner Cable customers’ TV packages (and programming, if TWC is also someone’s Internet provider).

In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, three customers charged that they subscribed to TWC service because of CBS-owned channels CBS, Showtime, Movie Channel, and Los Angeles station KCAL but have been unable to access them due to the two-week ongoing coverage blackout.

The plaintiffs specifically mentioned programs such as Big Brother, Dexter, Ray Donovan, and the PGA championship. They are asking for an unspecified reimbursement for subscription fees paid, and point out that they didn’t receive advance notice of the blackout and that the replacement programming is not a reasonable substitute for the programing they no longer have access to.

Time Warner Cable declined to comment to EW about the lawsuit.