This season’s ‘Catfish: The TV Show,’ which premiered Tuesday, June 25 at 10 p.m. on MTV, features so many OMG moments that it is best to analyze each episode with equally expressive reactions. And not just text-based or still image reactions — GIF reactions.

Ladies and gentleman! Catfishers and Catfishees! We’ve got a reunion episode this week! However, Catfish: The Reunion Show is not really a reunion but an extended after show special akin to those that aired after especially riveting episodes. No, I’m not a fan of the after show specials. But I am a fan of seeing SuChin Pak back on my TV, so I’ll take it.

The delightful, never-aging SuChin Pak serves as the night’s host, joined by the one and only Nevax. Seriously, why doesn’t SuChin Pak — I can’t not write her full name because it’s the best name ever — have her own TV show? I’d kill for a SuChin Pak/ Sway TRL-esque live show that isn’t TRL. After all, it’s not 1998 anymore.


Anyway, back to Catfish: The Reunion Show. Max notes that the difference this season is that the “Catfish have evolved.” We call them Catfishers here, Max, get it right. (I know the “official” term is Catfish. I call them Catfishers because I get easily confused.) Although Nev says that the Catfish(ers) can’t use the same excuses this season, they most certainly have so far in the first half of season two. Such common excuses include “I’m not good with computers,” “I can’t afford a web cam,” and “I was car jacked.” Same stories, different days.


In the short recap for episode one, they don’t repeat the 500 mentions of phone sex, which is a relief. That was so awkward. But, of course, Nev brings up the phone sex. Thanks, Nev.


Cassie and Gladys’ friendship is stronger than ever, which is great! But where’s Gladys’ cousin, Tony? I’m not necessarily complaining since he was a bit creepy, but that question is the elephant in the room. Regardless, Max starts an audience clap as Cassie discusses how she appreciates just how much Gladys cares about her to have taken drastic steps to make her comfort her. He may not ship their friendship like Nevax but friendships are often the best ships of them all.


I had a wonderful, stream-lined format to go over each episode chronologically but Nevax had to messed it up for me. Instead of checking in on Anthony and Marq/Framel, the next segment features Lauren and Derek via Skype.

Lauren and Derek are currently spending the summer together. Their relationship seems to be going well, but Lauren drops a few subtle hints that she’s ready to marry Derek and start a family. Such hints included Lauren’s description of their future as “MARRIAGE AND BABIES!!!”


That being said, I would watch a Catfish: The Wedding Show special. It’ll probably be more fun than this dull episode.


Throughout this whole segment, Max grits his teeth in an over-extended smile. Max as a total commitment-phobe makes so much sense.

A fan asks for advice on how to deal with guys who lie in real life. Nev answers in a generic and noncommittal way. I roll my eyes and wish this special was more interesting.


Nevax asks why Framel didn’t say confront Anthony that fateful Thanksgiving evening. He says he had it programmed in his mind that no one was going to like him. The crippling self doubt and guilt then led him to fabricate his bizarre car jacking accident excuse for ditching Anthony. Aw! Framel is much more eloquent and down to earth now than when he first introduced his true self.

Framel has lost 56 pounds so far and has gained self-confidence. Anthony, while more guarded in his romantic life, has opened up more socially due to the experience, judging people for their personalities first rather than physical appearance. I doubt they talk, but they seem on good terms. Anthony says there’s no ill will there, and I believe him.

SuChin Pak asks Nevax about hotel accommodations on the road. Huzzah! A reference to their nondescript hotel rooms! Maybe SuChin Pak reads these reacts! (She doesn’t.) Just give me a moment to dream.


Max says that his favorite accommodations are kooky bed and breakfasts are their even kookier owners. He gives the example of the time he stayed in the Sherlock Holmes suite while Nev stayed in the Winston Churchill suite. The owner also gave them a tour of the still in-progress Indiana Jones suite. I call shenanigans since how could the pseudo detectives NOT share the Sherlock suite? We saw them in the Sherlock suite for about five minutes of one episode, so of course they were in the same room.


Regardless, I’d totally stay in the Indiana Jones suite as long as there’s no snakes.


Jen, probably my favorite Catfishee this season so far, Skypes into the show. SuChin Pak asks Jen about how she felt about Nevax’s strong reaction to Bryan. She says she was surprised and comforted by Nevax’s support. Jen is such a positive and sweet person, no wonder the guys were repulsed and furious with Bryan for deceiving her and others. Also, it’s not hard to dislike Bryan.


Since Bryan the dog graciously does not make an unwanted appearance, we get to see Ginger the dog, decked out in a sequined pink hoodie. Max mimics Jen’s previous line to him, “Can I have my dog back?” I’ll file that under cute things I would say if I had a dog. But, obviously, I have cats.


After the Catfish revelation,Kristyn hasn’t scared to be herself anymore, which seems to have been a big part to her new chapter in life. Having graduated from cosmetology school, she has moved into her own apartment, which she shares with her boyfriend.

Mike is still single. But he and Kristyn occasionally do keep in contact, which I think is important for him. Mike seems to prefer being on guard, so it’s important that he maintains those friendships in which he can be a bit more vulnerable. In the same vein, he admits that he should have sat down with his friends sooner and asked for their advice after experiencing how supportive they were throughout the Catfish process.

Max is interested in the revealing pictures Mike sent Kristyn. Mike and Kristyn both bashful, shrug it off, but Max is hard-pressed to know what happened to them. Wonder why? Just kidding. Just kidding. Just kidding.


Loyda’s mom Loyda was most certainly a character. Nev states that she was defending her daughter like any parent would in that situation. That may be true, but there’s a difference between protective and delusional.


Awkward hand shakes all around as Ramon and Loyda step onto the set.


Ramon is still super shifty, eyes darting and legs shaking. What else is he hiding? When asked about their contact now, Loyda shrugs and says they’re friends. But what does that mean?

And that’s about it. Most of the unanswered questions I had were for Ramon and Loyda, so this is incredibly frustrating. What’s going on? I learned absolutely nothing!


Perhaps the most important question of the special is raised in the final segment. Why do people keep getting Catfish-ed? Max explains, “People want to fall in love and will ignore red flags…in the hope that they’re meeting the love of their life.” SuChin Pak muses, “It’s ultimately about love.” Isn’t everything, SuChin Pak? Isn’t everything?


Max promises in the second half of season 2, “S— is gonna get cray.” Hopefully he means cray as in crazy in a good way and not as in the Kray twins a.k.a. crazy in a bad way.


I was quite excited for this reunion episode, but it turned out to be pretty boring with a few entertaining nuggets. Plus, what ever happened to Dorion and Jeszica/Alexis? They weren’t even mentioned. It was a weaker episode, yes, but its omission was odd. Oh well, at least next episode seems interesting. Although, I’m not quite sure where an arrest record involving WMDs lies on the scale of good to bad cray.

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