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August 13, 2013 at 03:53 PM EDT
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Hello again, Dome fans! More domes than ever on Under the Dome this week, thanks to Angie’s heretofore-unrevealed passion for snowglobes and yet another trip to the smaller Dome, which has been nicknamed “The Mini-Dome” by Joe. Early in the episode, Julia mused on the curious coincidence that a woman named Alice died right as a baby named Alice was born. She said, “Circle of Life.” Don’t you mean DOME of life? Let’s run down the list of this week’s Most Valuable Domes:

5. Angie’s SnowDomes. Since everyone knows that the best cure for the my-mom-is-dead blues is breaking domes on domes, Angie took a grieving Norrie out to the Dome, and they playfully threw the snowglobes representing various cities against the invisible barrier. Au Revoir, Paris! Adios, Barcelona! Sayonara, Prague! Then Norrie saw a snowglobe for Los Angeles and started crying, possibly because it reminded her of her dead mom, but more likely because it was just such a pretty dome. Angie’s weird obsession with snowglobes was introduced lightly — she said that an old friend used to travel those places and collect them for her. (I figured she was talking about Junior, since Angie doesn’t know anybody besides Junior and people she’s related to.) But there might be more to Angie than we thought. More on that later. Dome!

4. The Pink Star Egg Dome: The little black egg inside of the Mini-Dome was shining with pink stars. We first noticed those pink stars last week, after the death of Alice. Are those pink stars her soul? Or could it be that those pink stars are like a mood ring for Chester’s Mill? After all, there was quite a bit happening in the old town, thanks to…

3. Big Jim’s Head Dome: Big Jim Rennie led the town into a full-on armed conflict this week. Ollie decided to go Full Rebel, declaring himself the new warlord of Chester’s Mill, with an iron-fist grip over the water supply. Ollie actually seemed like a relatively not-bad guy. He told Junior the truth about his mother’s death. (Suicide.) Unfortunately, Ollie had one major failing: His head was not a beautiful glistening bald dome. Big Jim does not have that problem. He’s All Dome All The Time. And this week, we saw a new side of Big Jim. When Junior confronted him about his mother’s death, Big Jim cried. (This is a great week for Dean Norris, the Dome, er, the actor who also plays Hank on Sunday’s Breaking Bad, a show with an impressive array of Head Domes.) Then, because Barbie exploded the well and turned Under the Dome into a socialist paradise where everyone can drink from the same reservoir, Big Jim was unhappy. And Big Jim told Barbie, “You don’t want to make an enemy of me, Barbie.” Barbie responded: “There’s two sides to that coin, Jim.” Jim retorted: “There’s two sides to this Dome.” Barbie rejoindered: “There’s two Domes to this side.” “Dome,” agreed Big Jim. “Dome,” concluded Barbie.

2. The Joe-Imitating Dome of Prophecy: Last week, we learned that the Dome can put on a costume and imitate people who aren’t in the Dome and people who are about to die in the Dome. Now we know that the Dome — that famous master of disguise — can actually just imitate everybody. When Julie touched the Mini-Dome, another Joe appeared next to the real Joe. “The Monarch will be crowned,” said Fake Joe. “The Monarch will be crowned.” Julia didn’t know what that meant. My brain initially jumped to the Crimson King, the personification of everything evil who appears throughout the extended universe of Stephen King. But apparently, that was actually a reference to Monarch Butterflies, which have been popping up regularly on Dome. And wouldn’t you know it, Angie actually has a butterfly tattoo…and the show ended with her staring at Joe and Norrie, looking a bit weird. Could it be that Angie conjured up the Dome as an elaborate parent-trap ploy to get her brother a girlfriend? Could it be that Junior was right, and the Dome actually did change Angie, and Angie was secretly a Dome the whole time?

1. The Dome: The number one top Dome on the market kept the human meatbags of Chester’s Mill captive for yet another day. Kudos! Dome!

Chester’s Mill residents suddenly find themselves cut off from the rest of the world by a mysterious, impenetrable barrier, which surrounds the town in this Stephen King adaptation.
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