After sending up Jersey Shore, Downton Abbey, and Game of Thrones — and transforming them into The Jersey Floor, Downton Sixbey, and Game of Desks, respectively — what’s left for Jimmy Fallon?

Oh, just a little show you may have heard a lot about yesterday… and last week… and the week before that as well. Hint: Think yellow hazmat suits, wire-framed glasses, and a badass joke-writer-slash-drug-manufacturer who goes by The One Who Knocks.

Still don’t get it? Take it away, Jimmy:

Considering the wealth of Breaking-inspired clips that are already out there — the goofy catchup videos, the middle school musical, even the cast’s own gag reel — Fallon and his crew will certainly have their work cut out for them. They’re probably already kicking themselves for not thinking of this genius “My Way” supercut first:

If anyone can find new ways to mine comedy from AMC’s beloved drama, though, it’s these guys; Late Night parodies always feature higher than usual production values and oodles of celebrity cameos, which help them stand out from the pack. (Dare we dream of Frankie Muniz as Walt Jr.? It’s the role he was born to play!)

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