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This week’s unconventional challenge brings forth a more unconventional side of Tim Gunn. The typically calm and nurturing Project Runway style mentor reveals a more frustrated moment during consultations in Thursday’s new episode. But the stylistically rational Tim is justified in wearing his sassy pants into the workroom.

In this exclusive clip, we can see that a multi-look group challenge awaits the remaining designers, with yet another unconventional materials challenge on their hands (parachutes, carnival game prizes, bow ties—enough already). Tim stops by Ken, Alexandria, and Sue’s station to find Sue constructing a garment out of black curtains, a fabric that could have been just as easily purchased at Mood.

“This makes me sick,” Tim says, warning the group that they may have just thrown the whole challenge.

Catch the clip below:

After 11 seasons of the cutthroat fashion reality show, the trend of designers falling to the bottom for disregarding the point of the unconventional challenge is no secret. The pattern has already become evident in season 12 alone. Miranda got scolded once for using very little parachute material in her dress in the first challenge, and then a second time last week after a boring use of a bow tie in the collar of her blouse.

Although an unconventional challenge always makes for an interesting episode, is it time the judges gave the remaining designers a chance to showcase their abilities with a few more traditional trips to Mood?

Tune in Thursday to find out if Tim’s predilections are right. Will Sue face an elimination for a potentially curtain-based frock? Is anyone else skeptical about Sue’s place in this competition? Discuss!

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