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Ever get a little weary of Don Draper’s slow journey through purgatory, Carrie Mathison and Saul Berenson’s neurotic daddy-daughter dance, or The Newsroom‘s ponderous soliloquys? Then it’s time you tuned into Strike Back, the throwback action (ACTION!) thriller that revels in the fast-paced, map-jumping, get-the-bad-guy delights of shows like 24. Sullivan Stapleton and Philip Winchester star as two special-forces soldiers who see plenty of action while chasing dangerous terrorists across the globe. Last we saw them, they’d just snuffed out a nuclear attack in South Africa, and when they return tonight for the show’s third season on Cinemax, they’re finally enjoying some R&R and reconsidering whether they want to be part of the elite Section 20 team… for a few minutes anyway. The boys are jolted out of their vacation by a new crisis, and you can bet they’re going to get their hands dirty in a hurry.

In the exclusive video below, Scott (Stapleton) and Stonebridge (Winchester) find themselves in a classic Butch-and-Sundance situation, surrounded and outgunned. Fortunately, in their case, they can swim. Enjoy the scene below, and then watch a behind-the-scenes introduction to Strike Back‘s new season, which begins tonight on Cinemax at 10 pm.

With Stapleton set to play the lead in the new 300 movie, and Winchester’s own star on the rise, it will be interesting whether this season will be the duo’s last hurrah on Strike Back. Either way, the season is sure to end with a bang.

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