On the cusp of releasing his latest album, ''Crash My Party,'' Luke Bryan, 37, answers our questions about marriage, tight pants, and ''Duck Dynasty''

By Grady Smith
August 09, 2013 at 04:00 AM EDT

Every time we talk to country stars, they always seem to be coming right from a farm.
I just left my farm! I’m in Nashville. I just picked a truck bed of sweet corn with my 5-year-old, so that’s what we’re doing.

You’ve become well-known for your jeans. Do you wear the same pants you perform in?
[Laughs] No, you can’t pull sweet corn in tight jeans very well, so I’ve been [going] less tight lately. Some jeans I’ll throw on and I’m like, ”Man, I can’t even move in these damn things.” But whatever puts asses in the seats — if they want to see some tight jeans, I’ll pull ’em on.

Why are you so good at dancing?
Well, I’m from the age of MC Hammer and Michael Jackson and all of that, so I used to stand up and dance to them, like, all day.

I saw the duet you posted with Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty, and those guys have been in other country-music videos lately. Are they secretly the kingpins of Nashville?
Willie and I have been friends for six, seven years. Back when I had one single out, Willie was just running around selling duck calls, trying to make a hunting show. [Now] we own a hunting company together — I’m an owner of Buck Commander, which is a division of Duck Commander.

You and Blake Shelton recently hosted the ACM Awards together. Who’s wackier?
I would say it’s about equal…. But Blake, you think he’s about to say something serious, and then it just turns into something way off-the-wall and crazy. He’s a blast.

You’re headlining your own Dirt Road Diaries Tour now, and earlier this year you had a No. 1 album with Spring Break…Here to Party. How much do you party on the road?
I drink as much as the next guy, but the bottom line is to get up the next morning and be ready to put on a great show…. I partied enough in college to get me through a couple lifetimes, so I can dial it back.

You got married in 2006 and have two kids now. What does your wife think of all the ladies screaming your name at shows?
She gets it. It’s kind of the way it is, and hey, it pays the bills! If my wife were a singer, all the guys would be screaming at her. She doesn’t get all squirrelly in the head about it. She feels pretty confident.

Your next record, Crash My Party, is out Aug. 13, and the title track is already a major hit, which means you’ll be more famous than ever. So any deep, dark secrets we should know?
[Laughs] There are no weird websites on my iPad or anything. I’m pretty safe here.