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Will Richard live? Whose relationship might be dead? What happens in the premiere? We caught up with some cast members and EP Shonda Rhimes for a heap of Grey’s teases:

Three words on the premiere: Storm = Mudslide. Firefighters.

On Richard’s fate: No one would spill on the fate of our beloved chief Webber. After nine (going on ten) seasons, this cast knows a thing or two about keeping a lid on secrets. But Camilla Luddington (Jo) teases of the first two episodes, “There are some heartbreaking things that happen that affect everybody. So there’s an element of recovery from that.” Well, that doesn’t sound good.

On Callie and Arizona: Fans may have been devastated by the Calizona drama of last season, and when we pick up with the new season, Callie is equally stunned. “We’re going to see Callie reeling from all of that and being reactive and acting out and making it known in the hospital how she feels,” Sara Ramirez teases of the two-hour premiere, which picks up moments after the finale. “She’s very open about it. She doesn’t hide it.”

On Jo and Alex: Because the season premiere picks up on the same night where we left off, we will find Jo “still bruised up” from her terrible domestic abuse incident last season. But the future is looking sunnier. “There’s an exploration of where it goes between Alex and Jo this season,” says Luddington. “I’m excited to move on to a happier, healthier Jo.”

On Meredith and Derek: “I feel like they have a newborn versus a 17-month-old, and as we know, newborns only sleep for two hours at a time and there’s breastfeeding involved,” reveals Rhimes of Derek and Meredith’s arc this season. “Having one child and having two children is a very different thing — as I just learned a little while ago. So for Meredith especially, it’s going to be about the lean-in of it all. What is she going to do about that in her career as a surgeon? Is she going to step back or figure out how to go at it harder? That’s going to be very interesting.”

On the 200th episode: “[It] will be a celebration of sorts and a little bit different of an episode,” Luddington teases. “I’ll say this: It’s not just necessarily all about the hospital.”


As you may have heard, some of the stars of Parks and Recreation will leave this season to explore the world outside of Pawnee. (Insert my pained sob here.) And onscreen, look for the characters to be doing the same — especially, EP Mike Schur reveals, after the gang’s trip to across the pond.

“The experience of going to London in the premiere sets up a subtle theme for the season,” he says. “Leslie is very committed to Pawnee and obviously very in love with the city, and that will never change, but she has a kind of interesting and exciting experience and [she and Ben] sort of have this feeling that they want to be more active citizens of the world and broaden their horizons.”

So while the first seven episodes of the season will focus on the attempted recall of Leslie, look for that theme to be a through-line. Elsewhere, Ben and Ron are getting their first big storyline together! “We’re trying to do episodes with more pairings that we’ve never done before, and we realized recently that we’ve never done a story with just Ben and Ron, which blew our minds,” says Schur. In the episode, which will air early in the season, Ben will work on finalizing his and Leslie’s will, and though Ron initially scoffs at the idea, “Ben points out that if you don’t have a will and if you were to die, all of your money would go to the government, so Ron is like, ‘I need a will immediately,'” dishes Schur. “So Ben helps Ron make a will with a lawyer and guides him through the process of his future now that he’s going to be a dad.”


We’re off to Neverland! And while we’re all excited to explore this land and all of its mythology, the show’s producers say they’re excited about what this field trip means for our Fairy Tale Avengers — Emma, Snow, Charming, etc. — as characters.

“Neverland is a land of belief, a land of imagination, and a land where all our main characters are being stripped down to their core,” co-creator Adam Horowitz teases. “It’s really allowing us, as writers, to dig deep into who they are and to push them forward to new places. I think being in Neverland is going to have a profound effect on each of the characters.”

“It’s really fun to see these characters … and dig deep this year and explore what it’s like for Emma to [be with] her parents,” co-creator Edward Kitsis adds. “Neverland is really a place where we can sit down and think about that.”

Meanwhile, look for episode 2 to be “a good old-fashioned Evil Queen versus Snow and Charming,” according to Kitsis, complete with a new Snow outfit and “a really cool Queen costume.”

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