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Counted down in chronological order — each more trifling than the last!

9. Host Jane Lynch’s reaction to regular-person team captain Leilani’s job as an administrative coordinator at a toothbrush manufacturer: “Whaaaaaaaat?”

8. The Big Lebowski trio as cats in the “Picture Purrfect” round.

7. Comedian Will Sasso’s ultra-confident look after recognizing the pig from the movie Babe.

6. “Quadruple threat” Nick Cannon twerking before a commercial break.

5. Snoozemonster Al Roker’s attempt to sum up Dancing With the Stars with a single, flamboyant “FANTASTIC!” — coincidentally he was up against Niecy, who finished in the Top 5 on Dancing‘s season 10. (More effective clues would have included Ballroom, Spray Tan, Shimmy, Sequins, #SparkleBarf, COVETED MIRRORBALL TROPHY, and Fringe.)

4. Josh Gad’s similar flop with Sex and the City: “FASHION.” (Dude, duh. The correct one-worders were either “Manhattan” while pretending to be splashed by a bus, or “Cosmopolitans.”)

3. When else could we possibly ever get the chance to see Al Roker “making it rain” on Nick Cannon with water from the bar? It’s what we’ve all been waiting for from television this whole time.

2. Jason Alexander almost gleefully acknowledging his weave. “This’ll be off by 9, don’t worry.”

1. Al Roker’s successful Home Alone charade, and something you’ll have to just live with, now, forever.

I’m sharting!

Sadly, “normie” team captain David lost the chance at winning $25,000 — he’d planned to pay off student loans and buy a bus pass, he said, as the seven celebrities onstage visibly shuddered — when Al Roker accidentally said “Huff [Post]” in his clue about Ariana Huffington. Damn her vanity! She should pay his loans. Ha, as if.

Are you still finding this show as delightfully banal as I am?

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